Farmhouse Table and Dining Room Painting Complete!

The farmhouse table and repainting of the dining room turned out to be beautiful!  We love it.  The first night we used the table, was the week of Thanksgiving.  Our ladies group had a Thanksgiving meal together and invited our spouses.  This gave me the nudge I needed to fill the centerpiece box that my hubby had built for the table as well.  Ready for the reveal?  Check it out below…

Farmhouse table and dining room

Love it!  Kevin built the bench for us and we purchased the chairs at IKEA.  Now for a close up of the centerpiece…

Farmhouse table centerpiece

I love the versatility of this piece.  It is so simple and can be embellished so easily.  The box is actually 6 ft long.  I put some of the white cloud-like filler in the bottom, covered it with moss and greenery, and inserted 8 mason jars.  On this evening, we filled the jars with water and added floating candles.  Since this was a fall event, I gathered some real leaves to add a splash of color and season to it.  It added such a nice touch.

You can see a close up below of the center piece in the early stages.

Farmhouse centerpiece closeup

One last thing to share….paint colors.  The dining room was actually bright red before we made this change.  I am enjoying the “calmness” of these colors.  I am pasting the paint colors below for reference.

Paint Colors Dining Room

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Ministry feature: The Lore Family

We had the privilege of having The Lore Family come and be with us Sunday night at our church.  We did not know them and they did not know us, but once we worshipped together it felt like we had been friends forever.  A lady at our church had come across a video of them on youtube and emailed them to see if they would consider coming to South Carolina. (They are from Portsmouth, Ohio).  As it turned out, Darren Lore, had been praying to God about their singing ministry and whether they should start traveling more.  Afterwards, he said it was a “God appointment”.


Click on the link below to see them perform “If you Knew Him”.

Wasn’t that beautiful?  I encourage you to go to their website and learn more about the family.  They have booking information and well as Cds that are available for purchase. Continue reading

Breaking out of our Comfort Zone

Have you ever felt God leading you to come out of your comfort zone? He has been dealing with me on that topic for a little while now.  I think that sometimes as Christians, we get comfortable within our home groups, or church groups and we tend to want to keep our sharing there.  However, we know that God wants us to share the good news outside of those areas as well.

The verses below have been on my mind a lot lately.  Do you know that Jesus could not be effective in his own hometown?  In fact, the majority of his ministry happened away from his hometown.  His ministry could not flourish in the area that he had been familiar and comfortable with all of his life.  This is referenced numerous times in the gospels.  I like the passage in Mark 6:4-6.  It says: Continue reading

Honey, I can build you a farmhouse table!

Check out this huge farmhouse table I built for less than $200!

One evening while I was reading my bible, Candy shows me a picture of this farmhouse table that she really liked on Pinterest.  I have always been into construction, but had never tried building furniture .  As I began to think about the table, I began to picture in my mind how I could construct it.  A few evenings later, Candy was on Pinterest and I asked her to show me the picture of the table again.  As she pulled it up on her iPad, I began to quiz her on the things she liked the most about the table.  As I was making mental notes on her likes, I began to think of how I could 1 – build the table for her  2 – make sure it had the features she liked from the other table and 3 – not be a replica of someone else’s work. Continue reading

We added columns to our main living area!

My hubby, Kevin, made columns for our living room area and they look GREAT!  Our original house plan included columns in the living area, but at the time of construction, we decided to wait because of money.

Recently, Kevin was inspired to build them from scratch.  This not only saved us money, but it also allowed us to customize them however we wanted.  They added so much to the living room area and kitchen.

I’ll show you the before and after results and then Kevin can take you through the “technical” details of the construction.

Here are a few before pictures without the columns:

Here are a few after pictures:  Tadah!!!!!!!!!!! (And no, it is not your imagination, the paint colors did change between the before and after shots). Continue reading

Need inexpensive organizing ideas?

You can get your house more organized.  YOU CAN!  I’ve mentioned before, I was not born a naturally organized person.  It is not a natural thing for me at all, actually.  It takes work for me.  If you are the same way, be encouraged.  With ideas, inspiration and a little cash (very little) you can get started with one area at a time.

It really makes you feel good when you get an area that was once totally out of control, into an organized system.  To get started, I suggest a few basic things.  First and most important for me are containers!!  All shapes and sizes.  You can find simple and cheap, to more fancy and pricey.  I have done a lot with containers from Dollar General.  Second, if you invest in a label maker, it is very helpful.  You can get one for less that $20.  You can label your container so that everyone in your family knows what goes in the container!

This is the label maker that I purchased.  I think it was around $17. Continue reading

Do you think you can dance?

…these girls know they can dance, lol.  My two girls, Sarah and Maddie, can bring it.  It’s true….they are great dancers.  Sarah has been taking dance classes for over 10 years and Maddie has been taking classes for 8 years professionally, (she was an apprentice to her big sis when she was a little bitty thing.  She loved to dance way before we could sign her up for classes).

We recently went to Savannah GA, to participate in a National Dance Competition their teams were invited to.  I wanted to share a little glimpse with you.  Generally, their director, Christi Stanton, asks that all team members report to the dressing room about 2 hours before their scheduled performance time.  They are to arrive fully dressed, hair done, make up done, and yes that includes falsies (fake eyelashes).

The first number they participated in was a clogging routine called Rhythm Nation.  I love this routine.  Here they are all dolled up and ready for the quick practice run before they go backstage. Continue reading

Love this nail polish color!

Looking for a cool new nail polish color? Check this out. It is called “Commander in Chic” by Sally Hansen. It is part of the complete salon manicure collection. Kudos to Maria, in our ladies group from church, for introducing this color to us.

It is a neutral gray/brown color. It reminds me of natural clay, actually. When I was a little girl, we would go down into the woods to a “spring” behind my grandparents home. This little spring had all kinds of fascinating things for curious minds. Along with “crawl dads”, there was this beautiful, rich clay up in the banks of the spring. Don’t you just love little things you come across as an adult that take you back to a sweet memory as a child?

Click on the link below, and you can find the color on the color chart provided.  Enjoy! :)

Menu Planning for the Week

Do you need help with menu planning?  I have planned my menu for next week.  Desired results….less drive-thru runs, less expense, and better quality meals.  I’ve been following Renee’s blog over at  She gives great tips on her page called 5 Dinners in 1 Hour.  The basic concept is that you:

  • Plan your menu for the upcoming week
  • Make a list of all ingredients you will need (from the store and note what you have in the pantry)
  • Do your grocery shopping
  • Dedicate an hour to prep all of your meals for the week

I picked out 5 new recipes, I have been grocery shopping and I am going to try it this week.  Yeah me! I will let you know how it goes.  You can try this too.  For all the details, head on over to Renee’s blog

One recipe that I will be trying is for Ham & Swiss melts.  This looks yummy, doesn’t it? You can find the recipe here:



She is so inspiring!

Do you want to be more organized?  Do you want to be inspired?  One of the first blogs I began following was by Becky.  I immediately fell in love with her blog, because I needed all the help I could get in organizing.  Also, another thing that hooked me on Becky’s site was her declaration of her Christian faith.  (She even has a plan to organize her prayer cool is that?).  Wow!  I was inspired that she had applied these principles to every area of her life. Continue reading